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Santa Claus Phone NumberSanta Claus Phone Number - We give you Santa Claus phone number so you can surprise your kids or grandkids. We have santa tracker radars so they can also see where Santa is. We also cover Santa wallpaper, jokes and pictures.

Vintage santa (Click to enlarge)
Vintage Santa

Check some Santa pictures while reading more interesting facts about the kindhearted bearded man from Christmas festivities. Check also different traditions regarding Santa Claus, from around the World.

"One legend associated with Santa says that he lives in the far north, in a land of perpetual snow. The American version of Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, while Father Christmas is said to reside in Lapland. Other details include: that he is married and lives with Mrs. Claus; that he makes a list of children throughout the world, categorizing them according to their behavior; that he delivers presents, including toys, candy, and other presents to all of the good boys and girls in the world, and sometimes coal or sticks to the naughty children, in one night; and that he accomplishes this feat with the aid of magical elves who make the toys, and nine flying reindeer who pull his sleigh".

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Santa Pictures from

In the Netherlands and Belgium, Saint Nicolas (often called "De Goede Sint" - "The Friendly Saint") is aided by helpers commonly known as Zwarte Piet ("Black Peter")... ...In other countries, the figure of Saint Nicholas was also blended with local folklore. As an example of the still surviving pagan imagery, in Nordic countries the original bringer of gifts at Christmas time was the Yule Goat, a somewhat startling figure with horns.

Sinterklaas and zwarte piet (Click to enlarge)
Sinterklaas (Dutch Santa) with
Zwarte Piet

Old representations of the gift-giver from church history and folklore merged with the British character Father Christmas to create the character known to Britons and Americans as Santa Claus. In the 1840's, an elf in Nordic folklore called "Tomte" or "Nisse" started to deliver the Christmas presents in Denmark. The Tomte was portrayed as a short, bearded man dressed in gray clothes and a red hat. This new version of the age-old folkloric creature was obviously inspired by the Santa Claus traditions that were now spreading to Scandinavia. By the end of the 19th century this tradition had also spread to Norway and Sweden, replacing the Yule Goat.

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Santa Pictures with Kids

Santa WallpaperSanta Wallpaper - We've gathered here some Santa wallpapers, among interesting facts about Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas. Wallpapers available in different sizes, from different sources.

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Old Santa Pictures

The Coca-Cola® Santa:

"2006 marked the 75th anniversary of the famous Coca-Cola® Santa Claus. Starting in 1931, magazine ads for Coca-Cola® featured St. Nick as a kind, jolly man in a red suit. Because magazines were so widely viewed, and because this image of Santa appeared for more than three decades, the image of Santa most people have today is largely based on our advertising.

Before the 1931 introduction of the Coca-Cola® Santa Claus created by artist Haddon Sundblom, the image of Santa ranged from big to small and fat to tall. Santa even appeared as an elf and looked a bit spooky.

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Coca-Cola® Santa Pictures

Through the centuries, Santa Claus has been depicted as everything from a tall gaunt man to an elf. He has worn a bishop's robe and a Norse huntsman's animal skin. The modern-day Santa Claus is a combination of a number of the stories from a variety of countries." The Coca-Cola® Company

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Funny Santa Pictures